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Location of Papagiannopoulos Guesthouse in Pelion, Zagora Town

Centrally located in the middle of the village of Zagora and just a few steps awat from the square of Agia Kyriaki, Papagiannopoulos Guesthouse in Pelion, offers to guests a very convenient location, as all points of interest in Zagora Town are within walking distance, ideally for walking during the cool summer nights and strolls on the 2 main squares of Zagora Town, where playgrounds are situated for families, also cool springs with naturally running water and traditional restaurants and cafes serving local dishes, as well as shops with traditional products. Book Now

Zagora, Pelion Mountain

Zagora is the largest and most historical village of East Pelion, which lies in a green and sunny slope that is divided to four districts a) Agia Paraskevi, b) Agia Kyriaki, c) Agios Georgios and d) Sotira. Zagora Town in Pelion Mountain, is a famous place for its natural beauty, but also for its tradition in arts and literature since the Ottoman era. Besides, that is the place where the old school of the Greek Enlightenment “Rigas Fereos” is located. Zagora Town is also home of prominent men who have excelled in science and commerce, as in the old days Zagora Town was an important commercial center with a remarkable fleet of the era and as a base the port of Horefto, where they carried the products of the season to the major ports of Europe. Book Now

Horefto Beach, Pelion

Horefto Beach in Pelion is the nearest beach from Zagora Town at just 8 km distance and less than a 15 minute ride by car. Horefto Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Pelion Montain and is renowned for its golden sandy beach with a length of 2.5 km and the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, therefore is totally clean, while its formation and soft sand makes it ideal for families and children, as it is completely safe without hidden dangers. Because of its length, the Horefto Bech in Pelion has not only organized parts with beach bars and many people -especially during August-, but also quiet and secluded spots for an ultimate relaxation by the Beach of Horefto, in Pelion Mountain, Greece. Book Now

Sightseeing Zagora Town, Pelion

The main attraction of Zagora Town in Pelion Mountain, is the traditional architecture of the school of higher education by the Greek Enlightenment “Rigas Fereos”, which is also the oldest school of Pelion Mountain and was founded in 1777. Additionally, the library of Zagora was founded even earlier, in 1762 by the Patriarch Kallinikos D’ and has approximately 15,000 old books and manuscripts and is located in the central square of Zagora. Zagora Town and Pelion Mountain are also famous for their old stone fountains with natural springs built since the 18th century, such as the fountain of “Kralli” and “Despoti”. Finally, Zagora Town in Pelion is famous for its old churches with their unique architecture and stone spiers. The exquisite art Cathedral of St. George overlooks the main square of Zagora since 1765. The church of Agia Paraskevi is was built in the18th century and its roof is completely covered with local stones of Pelion Mountain. The church of Agia Kyriaki is famous for its beautiful bell tower and the wooden temple, while the paved courtyard dominated by the towering old growth cypress trees, moreover there are also other old churches and monasteries as well, such as as the “Taxiarchon” Monastery built in the 17th century where the monks’ cells still remain untouchable and the Monastery of “Panagia Rasovas” that is located in a verdant hillside, since the 13th century. Book Now

"Agriolefkes" ski center, Hania Pelion

The ski center of "Agriolefkes" in Hania Pelion, is located just 21 km and about half an hour away by car from Papagiannopoulos Guesthouse and is one of the most scenic ski resorts in Greece due to its location so close to the sea and among many “Agriolefkes” trees, that took its name after them. The ski center of “Agriolefkes” in Hania Pelion, offers spectacular panoramic views of the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea and features 8 tracks of all difficulty levels and length of 5 km with 5 lifts, ideal for beginners and more advanced skiers as. The ski center of Pelion Mountain was constructed in in 1967 and also every Saturday evening helds nightskiing events. Book Now

Ideal Vacations for families

The mountainous scenery of Zagora is ideal for family trekking and walks among the virgin nature and the beach of 'Horefto' is a totally safe sandy beach. View our Offers

Romantic Vacations for couples

Situated in absolute peacefulness and calmness with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, creates the ideal setting for a romantic stay among the lush nature. View our Offers